RC rambles Jessica Kicked Out, Sungmin Dating, Luna’s Friend, MIX & MATCH 3, JIKO, 2PM vs Teen Top

RC reacts’ (R) Rae & Carlo (C) ramble:
1:12 Jessica gets kicked out of SNSD Girls’ Generation over her BLANC business, SM stocks dip
5:54 SM Entertainment’s statement on Jessica, still signed under SM
12:14 Hyoyeon’s ex-boyfriend booked for assault, TaeTiSeo’s Holler tops Billboard World Album Chart, THE TaeTiSeo extended one episode, The Boys hit 100 million views
13:11 Super Junior’s Sungmin dating musical actress Kim Sa Eun, SuJu held their 100th Super Show, 2NE1 Dara visits Donghae, SuJu will return to Mamacita promotions this month
14:46 f(x) Luna’s church friend, Victoria & Cha Tae Hyun confirmed for My Sassy Girl 2
15:54 Mix & Match 3
25:05 Big Bang Seungri hospitalized, released, then readmitted for a fever, will miss 2014 Incheon Asian Games closing ceremony
26:19 G-Dragon & Kiko vacation together in Japan
27:26 RC window shopping NONA9ON pieces
29:31 Teen Top beats 2PM on Music Bank, Jun.K tweets about sajaegi, Hottest vs Angels, Taecyeon asks fans to stop fighting, Wooyoung on Teen Top, Jun.K injured
34:54 Taecyeon’s OKCat pop-up store, 2PM doesn’t split their individual activities money, Teen Top Ricky & Changjo still receives allowance, Wooyoung as a nagging mother & his comfortable airport fashion
38:05 JYP denies Wonder Girls comeback rumors
38:51 ZE:A Lee Hoo vs Star Empire CEO, issues resolved, Lee Hoo did not get paid off
43:54 Police send Kim Hyun Joong’s acknowledgment of bodily harm to prosecution, T-ARA Jiyeon sick, JYJ on broadcast TV during 2014 Incheon Asian Games opening ceremony, Crayon Pop Choa & Way debut as Strawberry Milk sub-unit for October, Boyfriend October comeback, CNBLUE Yonghwa preparing solo album, Seo Taiji Quiet Night comeback on the 20th, B.A.P Bang Yongguk in Laws Of The Jungle Costa Rica
46:34 Running Man 213 with Choi Yeojin, Kim Minseo, Lee Yoori, Seo Woo, Yoo Inyoung
48:30 Running Man 214 with Rain, f(x) Krystal, Park Younggyu, Kim Kibang, Alex
51:46 I Am A Man 5
52:32 Chu Sexyama Sunghoon wins UFC fight, The Return Of Superman 42 & 43
54:36 SBS Roommate 21 Season 2

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6 thoughts on “RC rambles Jessica Kicked Out, Sungmin Dating, Luna’s Friend, MIX & MATCH 3, JIKO, 2PM vs Teen Top

  1. That's weird as i am a Sones Jessica is quited from the band due to the boy friend all of the boys of big bang will performing the closing ceremony of Asian Games with the maknae is this true he will release from hospital

  2. Same here, I had to play Bobbys Teams, performance again! So good!

    Also, Roommate was so hilarious, I'm going to watch it again now, thanks to you guys!

  3. Honestly, this whole kicking Jessica out thing is BS, b/c if SM really wanted to keep her in the group and even gave a crap about the fans, they would have tried harder to keep her in the group. I mean honestly if AJ from Ukiss can take a hiatus to finish school in the US to secure a future after kpop, then I don't see why SM couldn't have done something similar. And, also starting your own brand and company should not put a huge strain on the group activities, because its like an individual promotional type deal, also she has already been a member of GG since the beginning as a front member, so saying she was going to use the GG brand as a catapult fot her business is BS, because that is how everyone already knew her. Its like saying Michelle is using the Destiny's Child brand to promote whatever product she would want to sell. If that's how you were known, then when you start your business that established fame is going to be associated with your new business anyway. The SM executives obviously didn't think this through enough or rationally.

  4. Lol karma I will laugh at the sm self destruction … No fucking sympathy what so ever … This company is a grad A cunt ..

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