ID Photo Booth

We, June Systems Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 and has 23years history and are the developer as well as the manufacturer of various kinds of photo kiosk. We have provided many kinds of photo kiosk named PhotoHub to domestic major companies of Fujifilm Korea, LG Telecom, SK Telecom, Korea Telecom, Sambo Computer and, etc. including lot’s of overseas companies. We attended PMA “Photo Kiosk Shoot Out” held in Las Vegas 07 &08 year, and got high score.
Especially in 08 year competition, we ranked 2nd place in “Software Only” category, 3rd place in “Order Station” category and 4th place in “Instant Printing Kiosk” categhory.

We got high reputation as a Photo Kiosk Developer/Manufacturer through this competition and confirmed as high quality in the world. We are proud of our maintenance system, ie. if internet line connected to the Kiost, whenever/wherever the kiosk owner can check the kiosk status with sales records via web. It’s for our preventitive service and more over, we can access to the kiosk by our remote control system without coustomer’s help and periodically we update our contents by live update through internet.

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