Watch this video if you want to save or 125 AED for the ticket going at the Top, the World’s Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa. 😉

The frequent question is, when is the best time to go? That was our dilemma at first too, either to go in the daytime or at night? One good reason to consider is: It is cheaper to go off peak hours.

We decided to go at daytime mainly because, i would like to get a better look of the beautiful Emirate of Dubai and witness the vast desert, and take clearer photos, not mainly city lights, a sensible advised given by my close friend who was a local.

We got a deal online, a discounted ticket, check out the–which offers AED 135 instead of AED 326, it includes: a ticket allows you to explore the 124th & 125th floor plus a treat from the Cafe–a croissant and a hot/cold drink.

However, you have to secure a printed out copy of your ticket. a screen shot in your mobile phone will not be accepted. This was our ordeal when we got to the ticketing of Burj Khalifa.

Luckily, there were Kabayans (Filipino) who were kind enough to direct us to “Minutes”, a go to store inside Dubai Mall which offers, key duplication, shoe repair , file printing and a lot more. We paid 5 AED per page.

The view at the top was amazing. Fascinating to know that the desert land area was still immense, and the surrounding area of the Burj Khalifa is very well developed, and many more are being constructed, in preparation to the upcoming summit, come 2018 as per local source.

A fun fact about the Burj Khalifa and how it got its name. It is known as Burj Dubai before its inauguration. Burj means Tower. and Khalifa most commonly refers to the leader of a Caliphate. The building was named in honour of the ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan; Abu Dhabi and the UAE government lent Dubai money to pay its debts in order to finish the construction.

On the 125th floor, Photos taken were for sale at a very expensive cost, ridiculously more costly than what i paid for our tickets. Believe it or not, i was offered with two options: to pay AED 290 with one or two printed photos or AED 550 for print out of all the photos taken (estimate of 7 in total?) Of course, with a heavy heart i declined!!!!

However on our way to exit, there is another photo booth selling our Photos and gave me a better offer which i still bargained for AED 250: 1 Big photo print out on a hard board with soft copy of all our photos to be downloaded online with free editing which allows you to personalize photos, a cool way to add the Burj Borders/ clipart.

All in all, Burj Khalifa experience is worth the trip. the Building was very accessible, one less expensive tip to go is through their Metro. From Jumeirah Lake towers, where we stayed at, to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station would take a good hour that includes the looonngg WALK (thankfully it is indoor with the help of walkalator). And from the station, you have to walk through Dubai Mall then elevator to the Burj Khalifa entrance.

Try it and you can say to your self, I’ve been AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD’S Tallest Building. #BucketlistChecked

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