Blekko Launches, Google SEO Review & Halloween Logos – This week I quickly covered the Blekko launch. I discussed the past month of changes at Google, from an SEO’s perspective. Google Instant launched on iPhone and Android, but it sucks on the iPhone. Yahoo Site Explorer may be fixed. Google expanded their brand related search box. Google tells us why their search results estimates look wrong. Google added total links to the link reports. Google wants you to add more sites to Webmaster Tools. Google now supports e-commerce sites for rich snippets. Is Microsoft is working on adCenter impression bugs? Google brought back call tracking with AdWords Call Metrics. The new (oldish) AdSense console is rolling out to more people. SEOmoz released their industry survey. Google Instant hasn’t changed searcher behavior. Google Earth shows dates of when images were taken. Google Maps spurred a military conflict in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. I live streamed much of the great BlueGlass Florida conference. We have all the Halloween logos from Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Blekko Search Launches, Entices SEOs With New Tools :
November 2010 Google Webmaster Report :
Google Instant On iPhone Stinks :
Yahoo Site Explorer Link Bug Fixed? :
Google Showing Related Brands, Stores & Types In Results :
Why Google’s Results Number Doesn’t Make Sense To Searchers :
Google Webmaster Tools Now Showing “Total Links” :
Google Webmaster Tools Says “You Have More Sites” To Add :
Google Adds Rich Snippets Support For E-Commerce Sites :
Microsoft Still Working On adCenter Impression Bug Fix :
Google Brings Back Call Tracking: AdWords Call Metrics :
More Publishers Seeing New Google AdSense Interface :
2010 SEO Industry Survey Results via SEOmoz :
Report: Searcher Behavior Has Not Changed With Google Instant :
Google Shows Dates Of Map Imagery In Google Earth :
Google Maps Error Causes Military Conflict Between Nicaragua & Costa Rica :
Live Blogging BlueGlass Florida :
Halloween Logos From Google, Yahoo, Bing & More: 2010 Scooby Doo Edition :

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