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Looking for an SEO agency? Don’t know who to use? Here are 4 KEY questions you should ask an SEO agency to see if they are competent.

1. Do you believe in organic or paid search (PPC)?
Organic search outperforms paid search. It’s been proven in multiple studies. Yes, paid search does get clicks – but not AS MANY clicks as organic search. Why spend money on PPC when it won’t get you as many clicks as organic (which is cheaper and easier to do by the way!)

By the way Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird are pushing you towards creating good content for your customers. (This is what content marketing really is in 2014). Organic content are things like your website pages, videos, blog posts, landing pages, eBooks, Slideshares/Prezis etc.

2. Show me your latest organic search results.
If an SEO Agency claims they can do organic search for you then ask them to prove it! A good SEO Agency should be able to show you a variety of things that they can optimise and get ranked. In other words, they should show you web pages but also videos, blog posts etc. By showing you recent results they demonstrate to you that they are using good SEO techniques and that they won’t use any dodgy techniques which will potentially sting you and your business. Also by showing you a variety of content they demonstrate that they know how to optimise different forms (or types) of content. Each content format has a specific way it needs to be optimised – it’s not a one-size-fits-all SEO technique. SEO is very specific and it has to be done correctly.

3. Can you get videos ranked on page 1 of Google?
Video marketing and video search is exploding! Google is the number one search engine in the world. YouTube is the 2nd. Oh, and Google just happens to own YouTube! With this in mind, from a strategic standpoint, it makes sense for you to use videos to your advantage. Videos (like any other piece of content) can be optimised for search. If an SEO Agency doesn’t know how to optimise a video then run for the hills! They don’t know what they are doing!

4. What about the marketing plan and the content marketing plan?
Any SEO Company worth their salt should fit their SEO services around a marketing and a content plan. Full stop. If they don’t approach it this way, then something is seriously wrong. SEO is just a small part of your overall digital marketing plan. there’s so many other factors that need to work in conjunction with your SEO marketing. It all starts with the marketing. The strength of your SEO is dependent on the strength of your content. No content – no SEO. Bad content – bad SEO.

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